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My Favorite Planner to Stay Organized | Dream Planner

Recently, I decided to get super organized. This year has been extremely busy with wedding photography and brand/web design. That being said, my computer looks like it just went to war. I used to organize everything on my computer, do my planning in there. It was just easier for me. I’m more of a typer than an actual pen/paper writer, if that makes sense. It was faster and more efficient for me. However, now that I am much busier, Google Calendar just isn’t cutting it anymore. Yes, I put every single task and project into my Google Calendar. It used to be so easy to look at, but now it looks more like this: “Web Design Project for Client + 6 Tasks” often resulting me in having to click and view all of my extra tasks in a separate window. This may work fine for some people, but I just can’t do it anymore. If you read my recent blog post about resources I use, you’ll also see that I use Honeybook. I add all of my tasks and events into Honeybook, but I also have two business, so I have them separated in Honebook and for me, it’s much easier to see everything I have going on in one week all in one place. Don’t get me wrong, Honeybook absolutely nails this and I choose to separate both of my companies because it’s easier for me track invoices and clients that way, but there’s something about being organized on paper that makes things feel a little more official.

I discover an amazing planner a few years ago by Horacio Printing.

Horacio Printing is a Christian brand whose mission is to help individuals unlock their inner artist and connect with their God-given purpose. Horacio Printing was established in 2014 in New York City. Inspired by Erwin McManus’s book “The Artisan Soul,” their founder, Polly, began to create a tool to help her redesign her life into a work of art. She started by building a refocus cloud that helped her reduce/minimize distractions, and the rest was history! In 2015, Horacio Printing started a successful Kickstarter campaign and began to pledge 10% of every product sold to A21 is an incredible non-profit organization that is making a difference by fighting human trafficking globally.

Everything about this company is amazing. If you’re not a religious person, this planner is probably not for you, but let me tell you: This planner is beyond perfect! Plus 10% of every product goes to fighting human trafficking? Score! If you are a religious person or maybe not 100% religious, but definitely have a passion for bettering yourself and honoring God during your daily work, this planner is for you!

Included in this planner is…

  • Dream Planning – Create a fun bucket list of things you want to accomplish within a year.
  • Personal Growth Planning – Dream in ALL directions to declare who you want to become financially, spiritually, personally, professionally, physically and in your relationships. Take those dreams into actions items and get started!
  • Refocus Cloud – Take all the overwhelm out of your brain onto paper as you list out your passions, focuses, distractions and obligations.
  • Generosity Planning – Consider your generosity and plan ahead on who you want to bless with your time, energy and love.
  • Heart Check – Tend to the condition of your heart through guided reflection and journaling.
  • Seasonal Refresh – At the beginning of each season there is prayer followed by a heart, mind and goal refresh workbook. We repeat our personal goals, heart check, refocus cloud, and generosity planning.
  • Praise Report – At the end of each month we have a page dedicated to writing down your blessings.

One of the things I absolutely love about this planner is the focus on yourself as well as your business or busy lifestyle. When you drown yourself in work, you often forget to check in on yourself and that’s when you get burnt out. This planner provides so much more than just spaces to fill in your daily/monthly schedule, it provides a lot of sections where you can focus on yourself, your business, and your personal relationships and better yourself all while running a successful business.


With love,

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