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Three Reasons Why You Should Consider a First Look

One of the most-asked questions when chatting with a wedding client is “Why should I do a first look? I really want to see my fianc√©’s reaction for the first time walking down the aisle.” I get it! You have seen the photos, of the groom in tears when the bride walks down the aisle. It’s a raw, intimate moment, but is it really as raw and intimate as a first look?

For those of you who do not know what a first look is: This is time set aside during the day, usually a few hours before the actual wedding ceremony, where the bride and groom will see each other for the first time. I usually find a pretty location, have the groom turned away from the bride, and have the bride walk up to the groom and tap on his shoulder. This is when he will turn around and most likely, the emotions start flllloooowwing! Without doing a first look, the bride and groom will see each other for the first time when the bride walks down the aisle.

To answer my question above, there is no right or wrong answer. Both are very raw and emotional moments, whether you do the first look or not, but I highly suggest to all of my brides that doing a first look is an absolute must on their wedding day. Here’s why…

  1. You get time alone together.
    If you wait to see each other during the moment of walking down the aisle, there is no alone time. You are surrounded by friends and family, of course, but you don’t get to take time away and really embrace the moment together. You don’t know what your significant other is thinking, you just see. And that’s super special, but actually seeing and getting to hug, take in the moment, and being able talk to each other in that moment, to me, is even more special. A first look is where you can be totally alone and take a breath and spend that moment with you significant other with no one else around. Trust me, your entire wedding day will be surrounded my people and to have that important moment to yourselves is incredible.
  2. You will get to spend the day with your love.
    Most likely, your ceremony will take place in the late afternoon or evening. For a majority of your wedding day, you won’t have any time with your significant other until after the ceremony. That is another reason why a first look is so important. On the most important day of your life, you are going to want to spend time with your love, so why separate for a majority of your day?
  3. More time for everything!
    Without a first look, your day is going to go from very slow to VERY quick. After the ceremony, we will need to fit in family photos with both the bride and groom, the intimate photos of just the bride and groom, and the entire bridal party. Also, once the ceremony is over, guests will want to chat with you. People will want to congratulate you, ask you how your day has been, tell you how great you look, etc. This can take time away from some of the most important photos from your day. With a first look, everything is handled beforehand, meaning that once the ceremony is over, you’re most likely done with your part for pictures, giving you time to relax + enjoy your night.


First looks aren’t for everyone, and I totally understand that! If you have your mind set on seeing your significant other while walking down the aisle, it’s all good! BUT if you aren’t sure, I highly recommend doing the first look beforehand. It will give you so much more time to relax, chat with guests, and enjoy your entire day with your love.

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